To make ecological and ethically produced products for the home and body that are functional, beautiful, and easily available!

An ESG Company


From package to thread our sponges are 100% compostable, meaning they can simply return to the earth within several seasons as opposed to the 400 years it takes for plastic to degrade completely. Check out our post on microplastics here.

Read on to see what makes us an E(nvironmental), S(ocial), and G(overnance) company.


Each year we donate from 1-10% of our profits to fenceline communities fighting for environmental justice. Organizations like Rise St. James, the non-profit organization responsible for the Stop Formosa Campaign.


To ensure that the environmental and social values will be carried on into the future of the company, we have clear policies in place. First off, we are an equal share partnership, allowing for a more democratic decision making model. Meet our team here.

The Inconvenient Truth About Microplastics

While microplasticsare found almost everywhere on the planet, the pollution associated with creating and disposing of plastics disproportionately affects communities of color, which is why we give a portion of...