Luffa, Loofah, Lufa!

What is a luffah?

Native to Southeast Asia, the “loofah sponge” is the dried fibers of the gourd from the Luffa cylindrica vine, a plant in the Cucurbitaceae family (it’s where we got the name Qucurby!). It has been cultivated for a wide variety of uses by many civilizations around the world for centuries.

What is Qucurby?

Qucurby (pronounced ”kyü·kur·bee” or Q-curby) is a 100% natural and biodegradable sponge made of loofah gourd fiber and organic cotton. When you're ready for a new Qucurby sponge, simply compost the old one to make beautiful soil! 


How is it used?

To use:

  1. Submerge the sponge in water to soften the fibers.
  2. You're ready to start your plastic free scrubbing. Use your sponge for dishes, as a bath sponge, or other household needs.
  3. Repurpose for other household needs or compost it when you feel the sponge has reached the end of its useful life.

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