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Meet The Team

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 After spending several decades in manufacturing and operations roles throughout North America for General Electric, Alfonso  transitioned his skills to his new passion as an e-commerce entrepreneur, where he developed a complete line of eco-friendly Loofah products . 

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Rodrigo is a fourth-generation manufacturer in the packaging industry in Mexico. He has been working in this field for 20 years. Since 2019 he has been working alongside Alfonso on their e-commerce business developing all kinds of products including Loofah sponge products.  Rodrigo and Alfonso are friends all the way back from high school.

Since before 2014, Kendra was enamored by the beauty and functionality of the loofah sponge. Searching for years for different versions of loofah sponges, she tested as many as she could until finding the perfect one that is now Qucurby. In a fortuitous connection, with Alfonso and Rodrigo, Qucurby was born, with the mission to make choosing an ethical plastic-free sponge in the kitchen sink easy and fun!

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