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Native to Southeast Asia, the “loofah sponge” is the dried fibers of the gourd from the Luffa cylindrica vine, a plant in the Cucurbitaceae family (it’s where we got the name Qucurby!). It has been cultivated for a wide variety of uses by many civilizations around the world for centuries.

What is loofah?


Qucurby (pronounced ”kyü·kur·bee” or Q-curby) is a 100% natural and biodegradable sponge made of loofah gourd fiber and organic cotton. When you're ready for a new Qucurby sponge, simply compost the old one to make beautiful soil! 

What is Qucurby?



To use, simply submerge the sponge in water to soften the fibers and you’re ready to start your plastic free scrubbing. Use your sponge for dishes, as a bath sponge, or other household needs.

How do I use it?
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